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Real Estate Marketing

Pivo is a Smart Interactive Pod for Your Smartphone Photography

All Smartphones | Plug & Play | Feature Packed

Capture 3D Home, Create Listing Video, Stream Live and Take Better Photos.


Right on your smartphone.

Interactive 360° & virtual tours

HQ 360 Photography

No more distorted 360° shots, smart stitching software enables you to capture immersive 360° photos in 8k resolution.
Also compatible with YouVR 3D Home:


Instant Ways Of Sharing

360 shots you can easily share online. Share directly on social media, embed in your blog or website, share by link, make online guided presentation, share as a video or gif.


Immersive Virtual Tour

Connect your 360° photos and create Immersive 3D property tour. Share or present directly from you smartphone.

agent HQ.gif


Perfect Listing Video

No more shaky videos, Pivo gets it right. Pivo's tracking function allows you to feely move around and concentrate on your presentation.

perfect listing video HQ.gif

Go Live

Take your sales skills live. Live-stream to all major platforms to engage home buyers in real time.


Real Estate Marketing Videos

Showcase a virtual open house, host a Q&A, show your out of town buyers the neighborhood, create introduction video, shoot testimonial videos. The possibilities are endless.

marketing video.jpg

Handy Features For Perfect Videos

face follow

Face Follow

Have Pivo follow you around or a specific item you’re explaining. On both front and back cameras..

Smart capture

Smart Capture

Just snap your fingers or say “cheese” for Pivo to take a picture or start recording.


Wireless Remote

Make your shooting process easier with the help of Pivo's handheld remote control


Pivo lets you take magazine quality images with your smartphone

Smart HDR Listing Photography

Smart HDR gives you amazing lighting without a flash and bring out the details in both darker and brighter areas of the photo.


Perfect Wide Angle Photo

With Pivo you can easily create HQ wide angle photos and share them as normal photos. Wider shots will give your clients a better sense of depth and detail.

Perfect listing panorama

More Handy Features

Plug & Play
8-10 hour battery charged by USB
Bluethoot 4.0.png
Connects with bluethooth
Chose your tracking position.png
Choose your tracking position
Build in tripod.png
Build in tripod
Bubble level.png
Bubble level
SNS sharing.png
SNS Sharing
cloud storage.png
Cloud storage
auto focus.png
Auto focus
Ultra portable.png
Ultro portable
Pivo app

Pivo Kit

1. Monitorised rotator
2. Wireless remote
3. X-axis adjustable mount
4. vertical mount
5. Protective padding