Super dynamic shots

Extend Pivo’s auto-tracking and rotation capabilities to your action camera.


Lock in on the action


Smart Tracking & Object Tracking

Wherever you go, Pivo follows and with the Action mount now your camera can do it too! Choose one of Pivo’s tracking mode and start shooting!


On live in movement

Take advantage of Pivo’s tracking modes while broadcasting live on your favorite action camera.


Dynamic timelapses


Action camera timelapses are taken to another level. Pivo Motion Time Lapse photography transform traditional time lapses to a silky smooth 360° horizontal camera pan.

Action Mount

Action Mount

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Action Cam Mount

Extend Pivo's auto-tracking and rotation capabilities to your action cam.* Compatible shooting modes:
  • Face Tracking
  • Action Tracking
  • Motion Time Lapse
  • Perfect Panorama
*(Sold Separately) Pivo action cam mount is compatible with GoPro Hero™ series and DJI™series action cams.
Tax included.

Action Mount